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Deer Stalking

Shot from August 2010 to October 2011

« On the very edge of Europe, in the north of Scotland, hundreds of thousands of hectares of land is home to estates that landlords maintain as wild land in order to stalk deer.
My project is to produce 15 photographic tableaux vivants of these last pristine, wild landscapes in Europe. A series of 15 scenes that are reminiscent of the hunting scenes in paintings that populate their castle walls.
These moments are, for me, the epicentre of days spent hunting. A few minutes after the stag dies, its entrails are emptied out and its body is put on the back of a poney and carried back down into the valley. It is a moment suspended in time where tiredness hits, tension eases, the tweed suit slackens and characters reveal themselves. These 15 scenes were photographed in the oldest and most secret estates of Scotland. »

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